Orange Park Amateur Radio Club & Town of Orange Park Farmer’s and Art’s Market 01/27/2013

The Orange Park Amateur Radio Club, Clay County Amateur Radio Emergency Service  and KB4SA Ham Radio Boy Scout Organization will be onsite Sunday 01/27/2013 from 11AM to 5PM for their 1st quarterly public event.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come out and  enjoy the market and check out the station at the event.

If you want to help out when you arrive let us know, we always need people to answer questions.  We will have a Buckmaster OCF 7 band, 2 meter antenna and HF Digital  on site.

Address is:
Town Hall building
2042 Park Ave
Orange Park, Florida

AMSAT President giving presentation at NOFARS 02/14/2012



Barry Baines, WD4ASW, the President of AMSAT will be

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doing a presentation at the February 14th NOFARS meeting.

The meeting starts @ 7:30PM.

The meeting will be held at
Ed White High School
1700 Old Middleburg Road

Near interstate 295 and Normandy Blvd.

To learn more about AMSAT goto

January 5, 2012 – Fox Hunt / ARDF

fox picture

January 5th Fox Hunt is at OP High School after the OPARC Breakfast.

We will make antennas which will be 14.00 for the kit. I believe there are 8 kits available right now.  Everyone that wants to participate needs to bring a handheld radio.  We will have 5 – 6 attenuators  so we will need to share.

Eulogy of Bob Cheyne N4ENV By N4OOE

Robert “Bob” Cheyne N4ENV and I met back in the mid 80’s while he was working as a uniformed reserve deputy sheriff for an event at Clay Hill Elementary School where my wife was then working as a librarian. I next got to know him much better at OPARC meetings after becoming a HAM.

Bob had been retired from the Navy earlier where he had risen through the ranks from seaman apprentice to Lt Commander. During his service, much in WestPac aboard ship and the west coast, but also in Memphis and other eastern locals fixing aircraft, running maintenance shops and operating his radios.

Bob was remodeling and enlarging his house constantly the past 25 years. He did most of the work himself until very recently. He did carpentry, finish carpentry, tile work and most anything else necessary to create the beautiful home he shared with wife Patricia.

Bob was a DX’r and active in many OPARC events. He was the guy who coordinated RAM watch with the Clay County Sheriff’s office, the Orange Park Mall administration and security personnel for about 20 years during the terms of three sheriffs. He managed to keep the HAMs in the good graces of everyone and got considerable recognition for his great work.

ARES was another radio activity Bob enjoyed. Especially manning the Special Needs shelter at the Horne Center on the St Johns River College campus where he was treated to hot meals prepared by the public health nurses . He also installed the antenna there which is still in use after many storms and drills.

Bob was one of the original twelve members of the Over the Hill Gang (repeater group) that still meets at Cracker Barrel. There are only four of us left now with just two living in the area. Only one has enough hair left to merit a barber.

Anyone who knew him will attest to never hearing a bad word, never observing any anger or ill temper, and being always willing to help with a smile. He was always exceptionally generous and considerate of

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everyone. His navy tales were some of the best.

We will all miss him! David N4OOE