Cancelled: Greater Jacksonville Hamfest

Update 01/21/2014 – !!!! Hamfest Canceled !!!!

It is with great sadness I announce that due to a lack of participation, we have cancelled the ham fest. We only sold 2 tables, and I was one of them, and a very limited amount of tickets. If you bought a table and tickets for the Scottish Rite office, please contact them at 904-355-7633 about a refund. If you purchased tickets from me, contact me at 904-237-0999 to make arrangements to get your refund from me. It is hoped that we

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may do this at a later time. I still have hope that we can revive the ham fest of old, but obviously not now. Please help pass the word so no one goes down to the Scottish Rite and is disappointed that the doors are not open.

Thanks to all of those who were a great help. I really appreciate your assistance.

Chick Thompson N4CUH
Ham Fest Committee Chairman

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