River Clean Up — THANK YOU!!!!

I would like to thank everyone for supporting the OPARC Club Project. We have already received feedback on ways to improve.

one of these ideas is that if we send out volunteers teams to an area that is questionable due to safety concerns the we will have vehicles in front and back with flasher running, or if available a Club person walking with them with a radio.

We need to identify these areas ahead of time so we can provide this extra support for safety is very important to all concerned.

If you have any other ideas please contact Greg Fitcher N4RVD at gfitcher@icloud.com — he is the Clubs representative.

Again Thank You All,

Andrian Grey k4awg
Don Ahlskog k4eae
Bill Jacobs k5wta
William Anlage kb7msc
James Winfrey kj4sbg
Kasey Tate kj4sbh
Mark Fields n4qlc
Greg Fitcher n4rvd
Bennard Anlage n6eiv
Mary Jacobs wb5twk
Chris White wdeyi
Roberta Anlage wf4ook
Steven Marshek km4uva

If you know of anyone that we missed, please let us know!


Don Ahlskog
President OPARC

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