St. Johns River Celebration

We had a great time this weekend at the River Clean Up. It was a beautiful calm, clear, and cool day to be out doors with friends helping others serve their community. We saw more smiles this year than ever before and I can’t help but feel that our members were a big part of it. At every station we observed friendly, courteous, and encouraging assistance to all the participants involved. I am confident that it will leave a lasting impression on those that were present.

Most of the volunteers were moms and dads with one to six (yes, I said six) children. There were a lot of teens that have been coming out for years as little ones, now all grown up. People from all types of fields were there, public service, construction, small business owners, engineers and accountants.  Grandparents with grandchildren and neighbors with friends were walking and picking up trash left along trails and tributaries, all having good outdoor fun and a rewarding time of conversation and fellowship together.

One thing that kept resonating in my ear, from staff and volunteers, was the appreciation for OPARC and It’s long relationship and commitment to the River Clean Up in Clay County. At first I thought that there were just being polite, but then I started to realize that they were truly sincere and really value our relationship. They consider our people, our group, our club, friends of Clay County River Clean Up. More than that, they consider us their personal friends. They count on us to be there for them.

OPARC’s commitment and dedication to events, such as these, sets us apart. It makes us who we are and guides us to who we will be. Thanks to all those who participated in this year’s River Clean Up.  I also want extend a special thanks to those that have helped make this relationship as strong as it is today over the past two decades. Through your dedication, sacrifice, and diligence, you and some now silent keys, have helped set an example of service, southern style.

We leave a footprint, an impression, at every event that we participate in. Make the most of it! Carry your friendly smile and only let encouragement ride your tongue. Who knows how powerful of an influence you may be? Someone is always watching, especially the little ones. Great job OPARC!

Greg Fitcher



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