Great Field Day For 2013 from N4RVD

Greetings everyone! We had a great time at the field day this weekend. We had a big turnout with a lot of new faces. The food was delicious as always and Berta and Kris made sure everyone had clean hands before eating. We had a awesome burgers made by Ben and Bill that fed everyone and deserts galore brought in by our members. The ladies made sure that we were kept hydrated, due to the heat, and had plenty of water and drinks for all.

Thanks to Scott, our field day was covered by the media. A lot of pictures and interviews done by three different local news papers. The first article came out in the Times Union Sunday morning and had a lot of good things to say about OPARC and amateur radio operators. Other articles should appear in The Clay Today and Neighbor To Neighbor this week!

We had over 6 CW operators, one new membership and a renewal, ARRL official visitation, rotors on two of the 5 towers and more. A lot of energy and excitement was in the air do to the new location. Every challenge was overcome and we had a successful 2 o’clock start.

Thanks to all those who worked so hard setting up radios, towers, running the coax, pulling the trailers to and from, bringing the gas, keeping the generators going, and everything else that it took to make field day the success that it was. Folks, these guys worked hard!

A special thanks to Ted Jahn for making this event possible at Orange Park High School. Ted’s long lasting dedication to OPARC and amateur radio’s success is truly noticeable and appreciated.

Great job everyone!

Greg Fitcher N4RVD
President – Orange Park Amateur Radio Club

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